MERCES Webinars

On this webpage, you will find a new series of webinar focussed on marine ecosystem restoration providing fresh perspectives on how we can benefit from better planning for a healthy marine environment.

GRID-Arendal and the Marine Ecosystem Service Partnership (MESP) will host a 5-part webinar series from MERCES (Marine Ecosystem Restoration in Changing European Seas), a Horizon 2020 project for Blue Growth funded by the European Commission and focused on the restoration of degraded marine habitats from the coast to the deep sea. The webinar series will be of interest to a wide variety of stakeholders from academia to businesses, economists and decision makers.

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The fourth MERCES webinar, named "Ecosystem Restoration in Deep Waters", took place on  18 November 2019.

The webinar focused on issues relating to the valuation of three major ecosystem services relating to seagrass meadows, but which were also relevant to mangrove forests and salt marshes.  

Prior to the webinar a large number of different organisations were contacted to publicise the two talks and to provide them with details of other MERCES project outputs.  The webinar was introduced by DSES highlighting 1) the work of MERCES project and 2) the many MERCES deliverables on marine ecosystem restoration would become available in the coming months.

The webinar included two talks: 

1) Dr. Per-Olav Moksnes, Department of Marine Sciences @University of Gothenburg, Sweden on ‘Seagrass loss and restoration - implications for the value of carbon and nitrogen stocks’ 

2) Dr. Richard Unsworth, Seagrass Ecosystems Research Group, University of Swansea, Wales, on ‘The importance of restoring seagrass meadows for global fisheries production’

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The third MERCES webinar, named "Building a Business Case for Marine Ecosystem Restoration", took place on  27 June 2019. 

The webinar focussed on issues relating to MERCES WP4. The webinar was hosted by GRID-Arendal  using ZOOM. The webinar was sponsored by Equinor, Norway, which has interests in both offshore oil and gas operations and in deep-sea mining. Prior to the webinar a large number of different organisations were contacted to ask them to distribute information on the webinar, including the International Seabed Authority, the International Oil and Gas Producers organisation (through their environmental focal point), focal points for the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the EurOceans network , the INDEEP network (the International network for scientific investigation of deep-sea ecosystems), MERCES partner contacts with Government officials in their home country and the MERCES Business Club members.


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The second MERCES webinar,  named "Private Finance in  Marine Ecosystem Restoration", took place on 25  September 2018.

The webinar was hosted by GRID-Arendal and the Marine Ecosystems Services Partnership using ZOOM.  The webinar started with a short introduction by David Billett to the MERCES project and the aims of the MERCES Business Club, including how the webinar series was intended to bring together businesses, policy makers, decision takers and scientists with an interest in marine ecosystem restoration. 


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The first MERCES webinar, named "Restoration of shallow, soft-bottom ecosystems", took place on 15th February 2018.

The first webinar focused on two important projects:

- Valuing Multiple Eelgrass Ecosystem Services in Sweden: Fish Production and Uptake of Carbon and Nitrogen

- Using 3D Computer graphics to convey restoration goals to decision makers and the general public


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