MERCES at the World Conference on Marine Biodiversity 2018

SponGES, MERCES and Atlas – together at the World Conference on Marine Biodiversity 2018! The three European “sister projects” SponGES, MERCES and Atlas joined forces to bring collaborative research funded under the Galway Statement agenda to the global stage of marine biodiversity. The projects participated together in the World Conference on Marine Biodiversity (Montreal, May 12-16), featuring in the session “Ocean basin scale research: ATLAS, MERCES and SponGES” and holding a joint stand on the conference exhibition floor. The latter also included a display hosting a section dedicated to deep-sea sponge grounds of east Canada (presented by SponGES), one dedicated to the restoration of the Mediterranean coralligenous (presented by MERCES), and one dedicated to the real life on a research cruise experienced through virtual reality (presented by Atlas). The exhibition was complemented by the first modules of the SponGES and MERCES Teachers’ Workbook, associated with hands-on activities for teachers and students that also attracted many researchers at the different stages of their careers, the other exhibitors as well as representatives of the funding bodies.