MERCES Wp9- UniSalento-CoNISMa

Merces Unisalento-Conisma's video WP9 describes the activities of Ocean Literacy and Outreach conducted in the V classes of the elementary schools in Surbo (Lecce, Apulia, Italy), V.Ampolo, and in the high schools of Lecce (Apulia, Italy), Palmieri and Banzi. The elementary school activities provided theoretical classes to raise the ocean literacy on some basic concepts of marine ecology and biology, such as the ecological importance of marine ecosystem, the distinction between benthos, nekton and plankton, between autotrophs and heterotrophs, the meaning of biodiversity, conservation and protection of species and habitats. Students also learnt the scientific names of some protected or vulnerable species showed into the classes. The anthropogenic causes of degradation of marine environment and the possible solutions have been described. In another phase, the Merces project, the activities carried out in the Salento coast (Apulia, Italy) and a tale on the marine environment have been presented. At the end, all the students made a poster on biodiversity hanged in their classes. In the secondary schools, however, a presentation on Merces Project have been showed including an introduction to the Project, goals and examples of species and habitats to be recovered in the European seas. The Merces video produced by the University of Salento-Conisma has been screened describing in detail the experimental phases of the WP3. To conclude, the underwater guide we have made for the project has been showed highlighting the conservation status and the threats of endangered, protected and over-exploited species, the minimum capture sizes and the right attitude that each of us should assume to respect the environment. At the end, the morning was enriched by an interesting exchange of views between researchers, students and teachers of the schools. The guide and the tale were a gift for the students that took a part at the initiatives.