Steering Committee

The Steering Committee, led by the Coordinator (UNIVPM) and assisted by the Project Management Office, will include WPs Co-Leaders. The Steering Committee will play the central role of monitoring and ensuring the achievement of the projects’ milestones and the submission of the project’s deliverables.


Roberto Danovaro (Coordinator) - UNIVPM

Cristina Gambi (Management Office) - UNIVPM

Nadia Papadopoulou (Co-leader WP1) - HCMR

Anthony Grehan (Co-leader WP1,7) - NUIG

Christoffer Boström (Co-leader WP2) - ÅAU

Johan van de Koppel (Co-leader WP2) - NIOZ

Joaquim Garrabou - (Co-leader WP3) - CSIC

Simonetta Fraschetti - (Co-leader WP3) - CoNISMa

Telmo Morato - (Co-leader WP4) - IMAR-UAZ

Andrew K. Sweetman - (Co-leader WP4) - HWU

Chris McOwen - (Co-leader WP5) - UNEP-WCMC

Eva Ramirez-Llodra - (Co-leader WP5,7,8) - NIVA

Jan P.M. van Tatenhove - (Co-leader WP6) - WU

Ronan Long - (Co-leader WP6) - MLOPRS

David Billett - (Co-leader WP8) - DSES

Silvia Bianchelli - (Co-leader WP9) - ECOREACH

Martina Milanese - (Co-leader WP9) - GAIA