Top shots WP1 meeting (16-17 November 2016 - Haarlem, Netherlands)

MERCES had a great reunion in Haarlem, Netherlands, in the frame of the research activities planned for Work Package 1 - European marine habitats, degradation and restoration.

The meeting, held on November 16-17, was a touch-base moment to define where we stand and how to proceed in the review of the relevant knowledge base. Specific activities in Work Package 1 include:

1) defining the state of knowledge of European habitat mapping and degraded habitats;

2) defining the state of knowledge of habitat pressures and restoration potential;

3) performing a critical review of habitat restoration technologies and of the economics of marine/coastal restoration.

These activities are key to informing the subsequent work of MERCES, which will focus on the restoration of shallow soft bottom habitats, hard bottoms and mesophotic habitats, and deep-sea habitats. Participants had two intense working days but were fully rewarded by the positive outcome of our joint efforts!