Workshops & Events

MERCES at the World Conference on Marine Biodiversity 2018  (Montreal, May 12-16)

MERCES at SER  2018 - Restoration in the Era of Climate Change - Reykjavik, Iceland 9-13 September 2018

MERCES at the OECD workshop (October 10th and 11th 2017) on INNOVATION FOR A SUSTAINABLE OCEAN ECONOMY 

MERCES at the  ATLAS event (12-14 July 2017, Lisbon, Portugal)

MERCES at the 10th World Sponge Conference, 25-30 June 2017 (Galway, Ireland)

MERCES at the MARE 2017 People and the Sea IX Conference: Dealing with mobilities (5-7 July 2017) 

MERCES at the Slow Fish Opening Convention - From European Marine Strategies to Italian Seas - Genoa, Porto Antico, Italy (18 -21 May 2017)

MERCES at the  "Your Future Festival" organised by UNIVPM - Ancona, Italy (9 May 2017)event

MERCES at the International Conference: Maritime Spatial Planning, Ecosystem Approach and Supporting Information Systems (MaPSIS) - Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (24-28 April 2017)

MERCES at the 2nd ATLAS General Assembly - Mallorca, Spain (26 April 2017)

MERCES at the Open Day of the Faculty of Science - the University of Zagreb, Croatia (7 April 2017)

MERCES at the SponGES Annual Meeting - London, UK (4 April 2017)

MERCES at the Blue Symposium "Sponges, Corals & the World"- Blanes, Spain (30-31 March 2017)

Spreading knowledge on marine restoration - MERCES at PLAN YOUR FUTURE - Ancona, Italy (2-9 February 2017)

MERCES at the European Researchers’ Night - Ancona, Italy (30 September 2016)

MERCES at the European Ecosystem Services Conference - Antwerp, Belgium (19-23 September 2016)