Workshops & Events

MERCES  at  8th World Conference on Ecological Restoration 2019 in Cape Town (South Africa, September 24-28, 2019)

MERCES  at  Literature Festival 2019 in Mantova (Italy, September 4-8, 2019)​

MERCES  and Eu-ATLAS touring exhibition at the Sea Week in the Azores, 2019

MERCES  at Your Future Festival, 2019 (Ancona, Italy)

MERCES  at the University of Azores for the Open Day event 

MERCES at the World Conference on Marine Biodiversity 2018  (Montreal, May 12-16)

MERCES at SER  2018 - Restoration in the Era of Climate Change - Reykjavik, Iceland 9-13 September 2018

MERCES at the OECD workshop (October 10th and 11th 2017) on INNOVATION FOR A SUSTAINABLE OCEAN ECONOMY 

MERCES at the  ATLAS event (12-14 July 2017, Lisbon, Portugal)

MERCES at the 10th World Sponge Conference, 25-30 June 2017 (Galway, Ireland)

MERCES at the MARE 2017 People and the Sea IX Conference: Dealing with mobilities (5-7 July 2017) 

MERCES at the Slow Fish Opening Convention - From European Marine Strategies to Italian Seas - Genoa, Porto Antico, Italy (18 -21 May 2017)

MERCES at the  "Your Future Festival" organised by UNIVPM - Ancona, Italy (9 May 2017)event

MERCES at the International Conference: Maritime Spatial Planning, Ecosystem Approach and Supporting Information Systems (MaPSIS) - Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (24-28 April 2017)

MERCES at the 2nd ATLAS General Assembly - Mallorca, Spain (26 April 2017)

MERCES at the Open Day of the Faculty of Science - the University of Zagreb, Croatia (7 April 2017)

MERCES at the SponGES Annual Meeting - London, UK (4 April 2017)

MERCES at the Blue Symposium "Sponges, Corals & the World"- Blanes, Spain (30-31 March 2017)

Spreading knowledge on marine restoration - MERCES at PLAN YOUR FUTURE - Ancona, Italy (2-9 February 2017)

MERCES at the European Researchers’ Night - Ancona, Italy (30 September 2016)

MERCES at the European Ecosystem Services Conference - Antwerp, Belgium (19-23 September 2016)