WP1 – European Marine habitats, degradation and restoration

WP1 will produce a census of European marine habitats, their degradation status and restoration potential, and will provide a synthesis of previous experiences of marine restoration. WP1 will review the current knowledge base, gather information and set the framework for the project work packages.

Specific objectives:

1) revisioning/provision of information concerning: state of knowledge of European habitat mapping and inventory of key and degraded habitats;

2) state of knowledge of habitat pressures and restoration potential;

3) review habitat restoration technologies, tools and best practices;

4) review the literature related to the economics of marine and coastal ecosystem service restoration.

The work and outputs from WP1 will form the general foundation documentation and data resources for the specific activities in the operative WPs 2, 3 and 4. Datasets created within WP1 (e.g. metadata on existing habitats, census of impacted deep- sea ecosystems) will be banked and be made available in open international portals (e.g. UNEP-WCMC, PANGEA).

Co-leaders: Partner 3, Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (Nadia Papadopoulou) and Partner 7, National University of Ireland Galway (Anthony Grehan).