WP6 - Legal governance and policy

WP6 will evaluate restoration policies in the selected marine regions and working areas of WPs 2, 3 and 4, and will include all relevant governance levels needed.

Specific objectives:

1) understanding the enabling and constraining factors of the legal and governance context of the different European seas to realise a sustainable use of marine ecosystems in these seas;

2) evaluating policy initiatives, which focus on the restoration, conservation and recovery of marine ecosystems in different marine regions;

3) providing input to the development and design of legitimate governance arrangements and effective legal regimes regulating the conservation, restoration and recovering of marine ecosystems in the selected working areas.

The added value of the MERCES project is that it focuses on specific areas and regions. The outcomes will be communicated via the deliverables to the relevant policy actors and relevant policy cycles.

Co-leaders: Partner 8, Wageningen University (Jan P.M. van Tatenhove) and Partner 23, Marine Law and Ocean Policy Research Services Limited (Ronan Long).