WP8 - Putting Business at the Heart of the Restoration Agenda

WP8 will facilitate and promote multi-directional communication and knowledge transfer amongst key players in marine restoration, with a focus in industry and regulating authorities, driving new blue-growth business development.

Specific objectives:

1) stimulating new business opportunities for European marine environmental service companies;

2) knowledging transfer to businesses to give them a competitive edge;

3) learning from industry the art of the possible;

4) making the latest scientific advances in restoration easily understood for industry;

5) making European businesses aware of global opportunities in marine restoration.

WP8 aims to be the ‘eyes and ears’ in how ecosystem restoration can promote new business opportunities identified in the European strategy for more growth and jobs, including a move to higher value niche coastal tourism through the restoration of the natural environment, and the restoration of fisheries through creative use of offshore renewable energy structures. Businesses will gain through the active promotion of innovative knowledge and practices to generate win-win solutions between industries competing for marine space. See also the MERCES Business Club.

Co-leaders: Partner 22, Deep Seas Environmental Solutions Ltd (David Billett) and Partner 17 Norsk institutt for vannforskning (Eva Ramirez-Llodra).