WP9 - Dissemination, communication and public engagement

WP9 will disseminate the MERCES outcomes to the scientific and non-specialized audience for an effective and integrated restoration strategy.

Specific objectives:

1) raising awareness on restoration activities, promoting an innovative and sustainable multidisciplinary approach;

2) encourage different stakeholder groups to share knowledge and identify the best practices for restoration;

3) create a network with other EU projects on ecosystem restoration;

4) foster capacity building for key marine policy-makers in Europe,

5) engage policy and decision-makers throughout the duration of the project.

WP9 aims at distributing the knowledge generated in WPs1-7 to a series of target groups outside the project’s consortium (excluding industry which is specifically targeted in WP8). The target audiences include i) institutions at EU, national and regional level; ii) relevant actors involved with marine environmental protection and management of natural resources; iii) general public; and iv) scientific community.One of the very best concerns of those studying to get a college diploma is"write my essay for me cheap uk". If something like this is bugging you -- we all know. You likely must juggle a demanding alliance with complete daylong courses. And of course part-time tasks to cover this hefty tuition prices. In these circumstances it's simply natural that you inquire who will write my article . General and tailored communication and engagement strategies will be developed to reach different layers of the targeted audiences.

Co-leaders: Partner 19, Ecoreach Srl (Silvia Bianchelli) and Partner 21, Studio Associato GAIA snc (Martina Milanese)