Speaking of MERCES project on the Croatian National Television

On April 5 2017, Professor Tatjana Bakran-Petricioli (PMF Zagreb team) gave a short interview on the Croatian National Television within the regular television programme “Eko zona” that deals with environmental issues. The 7 minute journalistic contribution was dedicated to the state of the marine environment and threats to it as well as to the Strategy of Marine Environment and Coastal Zone Management until 2020, which is being prepared by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Energy of the Republic of Croatia. In the interview Professor Bakran-Petricioli used the opportunity to present the MERCES project and the role which the Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb (PMF Zagreb) has in it. She emphasised the importance and innovation that the restoration part of the project bears. The video clip of the contribution (in Croatian) can be seen at this link.