World Oceans Day: MERCES contributions (June 8 2017)

On June 8, the World Oceans Day was celebrated. This year's theme is 'Our Oceans, Our Future' and the main focus will be educating the public about the devastating impact of plastic pollution as well as working to clean the oceans, wherever possible.

The MERCES project has contributed to this world event.  Here are a some MERCES contributions that took place on World Oceans Day.


Disseminating knowledge on seagrass restoration: Ecoreach and UNIVPM present the MERCES project at Gabicce Mare (central Adriatic Sea), Italy

On the occasion of the World Oceans Day, Ecoreach has carried out a series of activities dealing with threats, protection, and restoration of marine environments, to increase awareness of the importance of conservation and restoration of degraded marine habitats and to disseminate scientific results of the MERCES research activities. These activities have been conducted concurrently with the research activities led by UNIVPM on seagrass ecosystems at Gabicce Mare (central Adriatic Sea). Tailored communication and dissemination strategy have been developed to reach different layers of the targeted audience. Particular attention was paid to the young audience.




Presented MERCES at the #GenerAzioneMare of the WWF - Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn (SZN), Naples (7 June 2017)

On the occasion of the World Oceans Day,  WWF launched its #GenerAzioneMare campaign with a special event held at the Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn (SZN), in Naples, one of the most prestigious research institutions. The campaign provides activities and projects on five crucial fronts to tackle the seas crisis. To represent the concrete actions of the WWF allies on these fields of action, 11 sea defense witnesses will report their experience at the Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn, dedicated to "Who is saving our seas?" Researchers, fishers, volunteers, companies, protected area managers, many stories that tell about their active passion in defense of the Blue Capital.


The University Of Tartu (UTARTU) present the news about the MERCES project.

The University of Tartu, (UTARTU) has issued a media news about the MERCES project.

The briefing is in Estonian only and accessible at: