We talked about MERCES at Sharper - European Researchers' Night (28 September, Ancona - Italy)

It was held on Friday 28 September in Ancona (Marche, Italy) Sharper 2018, Researchers' night from 17 until late night, many people have participated to the event.
For the occasion, Ecoreach launched the MERCES's STORIES campaign.
There have been many activities that Ecoreach, jointly with Università Politecnica delle Marche, has played during the event, to raise awareness among the citizens about the delicate theme of environmental restoration: children's games, information material about the MERCES project (videos, posters and brochures), kids gadgets and much more.
Many people have adhered to the MERCES's STORIES campaign, all photos and video with messages sent by citizens are on the Ecoreach and MERCES facebook page (www.facebook.com).

We thank all the participants!!