Iodine sprl is a SME created in 2011 aiming to develop research and consultancy in biodiversity and environmental sciences and to develop web tools and software for improving analysis, understanding and management of biodiversity, natural resources and environmental change. Iodine is a partner in FP7 projects: IMPRESSIONS, working on economic analysis of climate adaptation under high end scenarios, and modelling adaptive and coping capacities for use in Integrated Assessment models; and OPERAs, working on development of cost-benefit and multi-criteria tools and applying these in case studies of Mediterranean agriculture and sea-grass conservation, and on policy instruments for operationalising ecosystem services frameworks. Iodine is also currently working for the Université Libre de Bruxelles on a scoping study on bioeconomic modelling for the Southern Ocean and for Economics for the Environment Consultancy (UK) on valuing the wider benefits of the Woodland Carbon Code.