WP5 - Effects of restoration on the recovery of ecosystem services

The purpose of WP5 is to analyse the effects of habitat restoration on the recovery of ecosystem services. To this, WP5 will select pilot studies in different areas investigated in coastal and deep-sea ecosystems (WPs 2, 3 and 4),

Specific objectives:

1) determining spatial variation in ecosystem service provision following habitat restoration;

2) analysing the efficiency of restoration actions across selected habitats;

3) analysing the thresholds for effective ecosystem service restoration.

WP5 will be constantly informed by, and feedback to, WPs 2,3, 4. WP 5 will contribute with knoweldge on the spatial variation in ecosystem services and the efficiency of restoration, and will identify bottlenecks and thresholds for use in policy recommendations. This is relevant in order to know what to monitor if restoration success is to be assessed. For at least a decade, we now provide pupils with high quality newspapers that fulfill all of their needs. In case you have any suspicions, you can achieve our researchers via a direct line of communication and talk about anything in any stage of composing. Therefore, send your"write my essay online" petition at the moment!
  WP5 will carry out spatial integration of data/models, statistical analyses and modelling. All of this, both data, methodology and output, will be presented as maps, visual representation and reports for use for learning by restoration practitioners and others.

Co-leaders: Partner 25, World Conservation Monitoring Centre (Chris McOwen) and Partner 17, Norsk Institutt for vannforskning (Trine Bekkby).