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In the section MERCES Business Club, you will find information on our business-focused newsletters (section below),  issue-led webinars and details of our case studies highlighting best practices in marine ecosystem restoration.  The projects highlighted as case studies have been undertaken worldwide and will be of interest to all environmental managers and businesses considering the restoration of degraded habitats. Through these actions the MERCES Business Club aims to put industry at the heart of the marine ecosystem restoration agenda.​


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 ​​         Newsletter 1 (May 2017)                         Newsletter 2 (May 2018)                            Newsletter 3 (May 2019)                


  Newsletter 4 (May 2020) 





- the FIFTH MERCES WEBINAR  "Moving to Industrial-Scale Coral Habitat Restoration" took place on Friday 6 March 
 There will be two talks:

- Jesper Elzinga (Van Oord Dredging and Marine Contractors (Van Oord), the Netherlands) made a presentation on "The Recovery of Reefs Using Industrial Techniques for Slick Harvesting and Release (RECRUIT)"

- Joachim Garrabou (CSIC, Barcelona), Cristina Linares (University of Barcelona) and Marina Carreiro Silva (University of the Azores)presented on results from the MERCES project on "Lessons learned from coral restoration in shallow and deep environments"

Click here to follow the fifth MERCES webinar: Link (https://news.grida.no); YouTube (https://www.youtube.com)

For more information on the fifth MERCES webinar click​ here


- the FOURTH MERCES WEBINAR  "Building a Business Case for Marine Ecosystem Restoration", took place on  18 November 2019.

Click here to follow the fourth MERCES webinar: YouTube Link (https://www.youtube.com)

For more information on the fourth MERCES webinar click​ here


- the THIRD MERCES WEBINAR "Ecosystem Restoration in Deep Waters" took place on  27 June 2019

Click here to follow the third MERCES webinar:(https://news.grida.no); YouTube Link (https://www.youtube.com)

For more information on the third MERCES webinar click​ here

Responses to questions submitted during Webinar 3  click here


-  the SECOND MERCES WEBINAR  "Private Finance in  Marine Ecosystem Restoration", took place on 25  September 2018.

Click here to follow the second MERCES webinar (http://www.grida.no). YouTube link (https://www.youtube.com)

For more information on the second MERCES webinar click here

Responses to questions submitted during Webinar 2 click here


-  the  FIRST MERCES WEBINAR  "Restoration of shallow, soft-bottom ecosystems", took place on 15th February 2018

Click here to follow the First MERCES webinar: (https://news.grida.no). 

For more information on the first MERCES webinar click here​


Many of the case studies are by industry members of the MERCES Business Club.  Links are provided to the companies and their contacts to allow readers to follow up on procedures and methods.

We aim to provide a hub of expertise in marine ecosystem restoration by providing examples of successful projects undertaken in a wide variety of environmental settings from the coast to the deep sea.  In particular we highlight the contributions made by European companies, conservation bodies and scientific organisations.  We provide information on general policies, regulations and law across Europe and international waters, including Regional Seas.  In addition you will find details of the latest research on marine ecosystem restoration as it is published. 

Through these web pages we aim to keep members of the MERCES Business Club informed of the latest developments in marine ecosystem restoration.  We welcome new contributions from companies wishing to communicate their latest projects.  MERCES Business Club members will be advised as new content is published on the MERCES web pages. 

The MERCES Business Club looks forward to addressing to your business and environmental management needs.  If you would like to join the 300+ members of the MERCES Business Club to keep informed of the new business area of marine ecosystem restoration please follow the link below to register your interest.  There is no cost to join the MERCES Business Club. 


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